'' We are very happy with the exceptional service that AMCS provide for us here at Castle Cover. AMCS have continued to exceed our expectations of cleaning and front of house services, as well as providing us with occasional security services when required. Whilst demonstrating a high level of professionalism, it is the personal touch, commitment and pride that AMCS take in their work that makes them stand out from the rest and makes them a vital asset to the daily running of Castle Cover.''


Castle Cover                                 


''Merck Chemicals relationship with AMCS has spanned over 10 years, with their initial involvement in both cleaning and security services to our current bespoke Research and Development facilities in Southampton.


Our relationship has grown over the years with AMCS adapting and being flexible to our complex changing environment. AMCS are a truely professional organisation who have always provided an excellent level of service for Merck. Their dedication and support services are invaluable to us in our demanding technical environment.''


Nick Clear, Facilities Manager