About Us


Here at AMCS we value our customers and as a result have many longstanding clients. These include Merck House and a major retail chain for whom we have provided over 25 years of service. Although competing against much larger national companies, we believe we can provide a personal service tailored to your needs, whilst still upholding the same high standard of quality, assurance and customer satisfaction. We aim to provide a professional service at an affordable price. 



Personal Service            AMCS can give you an efficient service with a personal touch to meet your

                                        needs. No call centre or seperate department... just straight through to a

                                        one on one point of call for an immediate personal response.



Professional Service     We excel in giving you, the client, a professional service to ensure the 

                                       smooth running of your environment at all times. Our staff are fully trained 

                                       in all aspects of Health & Safety and COSHH rules & regulations, along

                                       with their individual field of expertise.



Affordable Service        We pride ourselves on our affordable pricing strategy that competes in all

                                       areas of the services we provide. Our aim is to give you value for 

                                       money without compromising on a high standard of service.  


But don't just take our word for it - see what our clients have to say about us... client testimonials